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BurBak Plastics

Specialized Expertise

While Burbak can meet the challenges of almost any kind of customer, many of Burbak’s customers are in the broad fields of electronics, medical components, and military systems.

Specialized Expertise in Medical Equipment

Specialized Expertise in Firearms Components

Medical equipment

Burbak understands the need for medical components to be free of contaminants. Parts are molded and assembled in white room environments where strict standards of cleanliness are observed. Material lot control is documented and certificates of conformance are submitted where required.

Firearms components

Burbak holds a Federal Firearms License.  We produce gun frames and other components to multiple firearms manufacturers.

Defense industry equipment

Burbak follows ITAR directives in its strong relationships with defense industry equipment manufacturers. We do whatever it takes to give our customers high value products to maintain competitiveness in the market.